Notice how I didn’t title this “staying fit”…that’s right, GETTING FIT. 

We’re in between holidays and I think I have my diet together more than I have in months. I don’t know why but that’s just the way it is. 

I feel like this is usually what happens for me…I’m on my A game from about January to May, mainly because there’s nothing going on. JUNE, JULY and AUGUST are summer festivities and my birthday so I tend to enjoy more margaritas than usual and of course eat more chips and salsa. Like gallons, but whatever.

September and October and pretty okay because I’m getting ready for halloween or getting ready to travel.

After that I kind of shoot down to a “D Game”. I’m puffy and bloated from alcohol and traveling, I’m cold because I’m a California baby and I end up staying in bed a little longer, I want warm comfort foods and it’s the holidays so I’m drinking sangria like it’s my job.

It’s only been about 1 week since Thanksgiving and I’m already noticing A LOT OF GOODNESS HAPPENING this time around.

I made some commitments to myself and it’s making me SUPER happy to feel TIGHT, see my stomach de bloating and feeling constantly energized. 

A lot of the things I’m doing are part of my 8 Tummy Tips which you get when you sign up for my newsletter so feel free to grab that while you’re here:)

So basically I’m committing to this until Christmas so it’s just about a month. Do it with me!


Especially now that it’s winter, we need to keep our skin hydrated. If you feel like your lips are dry or your skin feels tight then it’s probably a sign that you’re dehydrated. 


After that I fill up one of my 24-ounce cups with a lid and straw and fill it up with water throughout the day. Even when I’m at work, I make sure that I have water handy throughout my entire shift. 

You’ll run to the bathroom more but be happy about it! That means that your bod is properly hydrated and is willing to let some water go.

Have you ever noticed when you’re hungover and you drink like 6 water bottles and still don’t have to pee? That’s because your body is scared that you’re going to dehydrate it again so it holds on to as much water as possible. This is why we get puffy when we drink. 

So DRINK WATER. It also helps reduce cravings and appetite. 


I recently showed you guys how I’m scheduling my workouts in this blog and I’m still sticking to it! I also bought a groupon deal for Bar Method which has been nice for days that I don’t want to go to the gym OR for days that I go to the gym in the morning and feel like working out at night. 

Staying consistent with my workout schedule makes me more motivated to eat clean which in turn makes me motivated to work out so it’s a win win. 


A lot of the time I don’t HAVE TIME to make a meal before I leave the house. I’m also more of a snack person though so I noticed that when I would get hungry and be in a hurry, I would eat some crackers really quick or grab a bag of flax seed chips and bolt to my car. 

This isn’t the worst but I knew it would make a difference if I made some changes. 

For example, when I last drove down to San Diego, I was in a rush and didn’t feel like cooking anything. I grabbed an old grocery bag, threw in an apple, 3 tangerines, and a bag of each veggie I had. 

I ate all of it on the way to SD and felt full without ever feeling stuffed or bloated.

This has also been especially helpful at work because normally I would go on break and dabble into a tiny bit of pasta (covered in oil), a tiny but of tuna (covered in mayo), and a salad with a tiny bit of ranch (no bueno) and then EVERY SINGE TIME no mattter how much I ate, I would be bloated afterwards.

Lately I’ve been bringing a bag of almonds from Whole Foods with my everywhere including work, along with these chocolate energy bars and a bag of tea.

I tell myself that if I eat that and I’m still hungry then sure, have some work food but as tempting as those other options are, I’ve been LEGIT FULL.

And not bloated!


Gaaahd, I love a good whisky sour during the winter time, or some glasses of wine with a friend but for this little 4 week break…no drinking. 

It really is the one thing that will let me lose weight, puffiness and bloating almost instantly. 

When I’m drinking I notice my love handles start to creep back, some really sexy form of what I like to call an Iphone Double Chin starts creeping in which is where you start to get a double chin jusssst as you tilt your head down to look at your phone or computer. So that’s fun. 

I think my ankles even get smaller when I’m detoxing so, lots of benefits going on. 

Like I said, it’s only been 1 week of these habits and I’m noticing differences. 


Remember the blog I wrote about eating clean while you have a boyfriend? Well this kind of goes back to the roots of that. When you’re first in a relationship you eat smaller meals throughout the day because you never want to be too full. Then once you start dating for a while you start ordering the same thing as your boyfriend and drink dark beers with it and then lifes just over. 

So SMALL MEALS. I eat until I’m satisfied and then eat again in 2-3 hours. This can be kind of hard if you’re running around all day which is why you NEED to keep small healthy snacks in your purse and car. This way you eat though out the day and keep your metabolism going. 

When you go all day without eating then you’re starved by 4 pm and end up eating everything everywhere. No No NO.

Alrighy lovies, that’s all for now. I need to go have my apple and almond butter snack and get ready for work. My spaghetti squash is already in small tupperware ready for me to take to work 🙂



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