So just like with everything in life, I split things up into either 80% or 20%…right now I’d say 80% of the time i’m working and 20% of the time i’m CHILLIN.

Within that 80%, i’d say i’m at my “paycheck” job about 30% of the time and the other 50% I’m working at home. Now this is my ideal situation…always waking up at home with my office right next to me, my coffee and juice ready to go in my kitchen and my computer sitting there with guaranteed wifi. The only downside to working at home is that my fridge is also right there, along with my couch, fuzzy blanket, and re runs of Modern Family.

So if working from home is something that you’re striving for or if it is something that you have achieved but can’t figure out how to ignore the welcoming distractions…here’s a break down of how i’ve managed to work from home, & actually get ish done.

8:00 am – Wake Up

All the 6 am’ers…forgive me. I used to wake up around 6-6:30 am every day but now that my other job has me staying up until 2 am, I tend to rest a little bit later into the day. Regardless, this is about the time I wake up, start the coffee pot and grab my journal, planner, and devotional. I would literally go insane without these thing. I start my day by giving thanks, writing down my thoughts and seeing what I have going on that day or coming up that week. 


I need to devout chunks of my time to a specific category or else i’ll be all over the place and next thing you know I’m telling myself i’m hungry. You’re not hungry, you’re un concentrated & the fridge is right there, STAY FOCUSED. I tell myself that from 9:00 – 11:00 is time that I will spend working on W3. This usually means checking my W3 e-mails, reaching out to girls that would like to collaborate, organizing and planning blog posts, creating graphics, writing meal plans, posting on Facebook and talking with the girls about what our next steps are. Right now we’re planning on really focusing on our YouTube channel so stay tuned!

11:00 am – Gym, Lunch & Errands

2 hours is a long time to just be sitting so it’s really important for me to make sure that I get up and move around. First i’ll go to the gym and get 30-60 minutes of cardio and strength training. Then i’ll usually eat lunch around noon which lately has been my FAV quinoa pasta arugula salad! It’s sooo bomb and i’m talking A LOT of arugula. Then i’ll get out of the house and go run any errands that I need to and try to make any phone calls I need to for the day since service at my house BLOWS. 

1:30 pm – Chelsey Rose Health 

This is when I devout 2 hours to my personal website and blog. Schedule basically goes the same way as it does for W3…lots of scheduling, reaching out, designing, organizing, reading and writing. I’m always looking for new tips and topics that I think you guys might be interested in so if you have any suggestions let me know by sending me an e-mail!

3:30 pm – Break 

If you follow my snap (chelseyrose) you’ll notice that this is usually when I have a snack and spend some time watching Ellen! Probably my favorite part of the day before I get into using more brain power.

4:45 pm – Write, Design, Plan Miscellaneous 

Honestly, by this time I don’t want to use too much brain power. I want to stay busy or else I’ll go insane but at this point I usually like to switch up my work zone. I’ll go to a near by coffee shop, grab a latte, and do some free writing or my blog graphics. If it’s Thursday then I’ll organize all my posts from that week and prepare to send them out in my “What You Missed” Newsletter for Friday morning. I’ll also use this time to make sure that I have everything ready to go that I want to work on for the following day so that I can wake up with a plan. 

7:00 pm – Chill

I get slight anxiety if i try to end my day too early so honestly I might work beyond this time if i’m alone but if I’m with my friends or at my boyfriends house, I like to make dinner (lately it’s been split pea soup from Trader Joe’s with their spicy flax seed chips!) , have some wine, or go somewhere for a drink and hopefully a good basketball game. 

11:00 – 12:00 – Bed

Obviously brush my teeth, wash my face…maybe clean up my room and write in my journal. 🙂

If you’re having trouble getting things done I suggest:

– Writing down everything you need to do whenever it comes to your mind and then organize it in the morning.

– Get a planner!! I love my Kate Spade planner from PaperSource, it’s so cute and helps me stay on track! 

– Split of your tasks into chunks of time so you don’t get overwhelmed. 


Obviously this isn’t exactly how every single day goes, especially if I have to go to work at night but having a schedule like this definitely helps me get things done and reach my goals and deadlines. If you don’t have a plan or a timeline then things may end up taking much longer than they needed to! Try getting organized and see how much you can really accomplish in a day, or a week!



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