A recipe book for

busy moms and students who want to enjoy more food, more flavor, and less calories.



What Is The 50 Meals Made Easier E-Book?

This e-book consists of 33 meals ranging from breakfasts, smoothies, bowls and dinners + 17 healthy snack ideas that you can make at home and purchase while you’re running errands all day.

Is This Meal Guide Suitable For Vegans And Vegetarians?

I wouldn’t suggest this plan for vegans because I feel like it would require you to substitute too many ingredients. The plan uses salmon, turkey, chicken, eggs and beef for a lot of the meals but only 2 meals REQUIRE the use of meat (The Bunless Burger & The Turkey Meatballs). I am confident that all other meals would be great without meat or with a vegetarian friendly substitute like tofu, tofurky, veggie burger, quinoa, etc.


The virgo in me wanted to color coordinate the plan for you guys. Meals with a pink header all have similar ingredients so you know that you can make other delicious meals with some ingredients that you already purchased.

Other colors include purple, green, blue, yellow, and grey.