This is my version of a game 🙂 The point here is to work for TIME. Throughout this game you will run for a total of one mile and you will be doing strength training.

Make sure you record your time every time you do it and challenge yourself to improve.

You will run as far as you can for 2 minutes. As soon as you hit 2 minutes you will pause the treadmill or you will stop at that point on the track – this way you don’t lose track of how far you’ve ran. Then you will go into the circuit strength training and when you’re done with that you will pick up where you left off with running and run for another 2 minutes. You will continue this cycle until you complete one mile of running. SO if you run really slow for 2 minutes then it is going to take you longer to finish the mile meaning that you’re going to have to do more circuits. Get it?!



10 push ups

20 box jumps

30 mountain climbers


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