Quick healthy foods are necessary. We’re in a hurry, we need a snack, so what do we grab?

This is actually a question that I get asked  A LOT! People are curious what i grab when i’m in a hurry that will satisfy, be healthy and convenient, SO here’s a list of some of my favorites 🙂

– Apple and Crunchy Almond Butter –  (i once got stopped at an airport for having a butter knife in my purse, so maybe just don’t take it there but other than that, girls we know theres definitely room for an apple and a little almond butter in our purses. Or just cut it, add almond butter, then set it in a tupperware container.)

– Air Popped Pop Corn – So low in calories and carbs and it excellent to have around to satisfy your salty craving and make you feel like you’re eating a lot, when you’re not!


– Juice – I know for some this may not sound very satisfying but it really is! All that nutrition fills you up and is soooo good for you! It’s also a great option if you need some energy or if you want something sweet they make organic pressed juices from coconut meat, cocoa, agave and all sorts of sweet stuff. Tastes like chocolate milk its sooo bomb.

– Fruit & Yogurt – This is healthy, quick, and easy to eat even in the car ! The protein in this fills you up and the berries help reduce cravings!

Just a few items to keep in mind !! 

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