Let’s start here:

Who here has even heard of “Goop”, or GOOPY as some people like to call it. I’ve heard it loosely, mainly from people talking shit about it’s completely unrelatable references and outlandish suggestions. 

I’m not one to judge until I can get to know someone or something myself but it was pretty crazy that A. I only heard about Goop from haters, and B. There are A LOT of haters. 

(They say you’ve made it once you start getting haters so, in my eyes, I figured there must be something she was doing right…)

I never got around to looking at it until the other day I was listening to a podcast on #girlboss where Sophia Amoruso was interviewing Gweneth and I realized that this was the first time I was every even really paying any attention to Gweneth and hearing what it is that she does. 

Within the first few minutes you find out that her mom was an actress and her dad was a film producer and the “Ohhhhh, thats’ why she’s famous” thought creeps in. Still, no negative judgement though, I’m sure that happens to a lot of people and it seems like a pretty normal way for someone in that family dynamic to grow up. 

I continued listening though and was surprised and welcoming to the fact that Gweneth actually used to work in restaurants in Los Angeles.

SOUPS RELATABLE GIRLLLL. She was going to school for anthropology and trying to find own path but she couldn’t shake the passion she had for acting. 

To my surprise, her parents weren’t too fond of the idea so she actually had to sneak to auditions and never threw in the name of her dad in hopes to keep it from him to avoid getting busted. Sure enough, her acting was impressive on it’s own and got her the attention she needed to book auditions, which also got directors calling her home.

Her parents found out she had booked a small film and basically, the rest is history. 

Fast forward to 2008 when Gweneth launched her lifestyle blog GOOP.

On the podcast she talks about how she had her children and started taking care of them and she noticed that her desire to act diminished, and it scared the shit out of her.

Her sense of identity was completely shot, and she didn’t know who Gweneth WAS without acting. 

So she took some time to think about what her new calling was and realized that starting some kind of lifestyle blog was a desire she had had for a long time. 

She then went on to talk about how the business world is much different than her acting world and that when she decided to become CEO of GOOP, she would walk into a board room with a bunch of men in suites who would spend about 5 minutes talking about how much their wives loved her in “Emma” and then after that, it was “Gweneth Paltrow the actress who???”. It was strictly business and there were no exceptions for the hollywood’s blonde celeb.

I finally decided after listening to that podcast that I would go check out GOOP and see what all the hype was about. 

As soon as I got to the homepage I immediately thought,




Haha. $2,400.00 hoop earrings and an $895.00 dress casually on the homepage doesn’t exactly scream BUY ME in my mind but damn, I can appreciate the women who have worked hard to make that lifestyle their reality. 

So I figured that I’m not really trying to buy anything anyways so what kind of info can GOOP provide me with? Of course I checked out the WELLNESS section before anything else and that’s when I knew, I found MY GOOP. 

She and her team talk about everything from detoxing and fitness to sexual health and spirituality – sounds relatable to me!

I scoped and scrolled for A WHILE and it really got the ball rolling in my head of all the new smoothies I can’t wait to try and the additional detox methods that I can’t wait to add to the 14 day detox that I’m doing. 

The first thing that caught my attention that seemed like it was worthy of trying was this morning matcha smoothie. 

They basically explain it as a super easy morning detox smoothie that provides energy, glowing skin, and LOTS of hydration. 

I can live with that. 

Make sure you go check out GOOP for yourself and let me know what you think!




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