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Whoaaa, long time no blooooggg #amiright!

To be honest – I’ve been having some help switching my website over from Squarespace to WordPress so I’ve been holding off on posting BUT as of 2019 the site will be allll freaky freaky fresh and I’ll get back into posting sooo much goodness for you guys.

BUT I did want to share these headphones I discovered with you guys because whether we like it or not lol, the holidays are creeping the EF up and we need to stop procrastinating. Get your gifts sooner than later, I promise you, it feels soooo good.

Okay so, headphones are a great gift in my opinion because pretty much everyone uses them right? We have the Airpods, Beats By Dre, and the normal apple head phones but the airpods and the Beats can get SO pricy and like if you lose one Airpod, you have to buy another pair so…that sucks.

And then the normal apple head phones obviously are SO annoying because of the cord.

But these headphones I found are dope because they’re cheaper than the Airpods and Beats but they don’t have a cord, and my grandma can actually hear me when I call her on them! Like – that’s huge haha. She could never hear me when I called her on the normal apple headphones.


  • They wraparound the base of your head and are very lightweight and flexible.

  • You wear them on the OUTSIDE of your ear so that you can REALLY hear the music while also being aware of things around you. This is nice because people see that you have headphones on so they leave you alone haha but you can hear cars coming if you’re on a run or hear if someone is trying to get your attention.

  • The Bass is AMAZING.

  • Wireless Bluetooth® 4.1

  • LeakSlayer™ technology reduces natural sound leakage

  • IP55 certified to repel sweat, dust and moisture, from workouts to nasty weather

  • Enjoy SIX HOURS of continuous music + calls on a single charge

  • You have the option of adjusting the Bass

  • Dual noise canceling microphones exclude surrounding noise, effectively enhancing speech

  • Audrey Says™ voice prompts guide users through power, pair, play and talk

  • Hassle-free 2-year warranty


I’m allll about checking ratings! I hate when I find something that seems AMAZING and then notice that they have like 800 2 star reviews – that doesn’t really work for me lol. AFTERSHOKZ has 632 5 star ratings on their site and another 188 4 star ratings.


When the box arrives at your door you’re totally set with everything you need. (They take care of all the “just in case” issues you might run into.) You get a bag with your headphones, a charger, and ear plugs just in case you’re not interested in being aware of anything going on around you lol, happens to me more often than not.

I’m finding that I really like these when I’m working at the house and my boyfriend is home because sometimes when I listen to music on our big bluetooth speaker, it distracts him, and when I wear normal headphones, he’ll call out for me and I can’t hear anything. So these make me feel like I’m in my own world but also can be involved with whats going on around me.


What I really like about these headphones is that you can actually CONTROL so much from the headphones without having to pull your phone out. You can:

  • play/pause music

  • Skip to next song

  • Answer/end call

  • Answer call waiting and put current call on hold

  • Reject a call

  • Voice Dial

  • Redial last number

  • Power on/off

  • Mute

  • Change EQ settings

  • Check battery

  • Adjust Volume

Like what!! How annoying is it when you have wireless headphones on but you still need to pull your phone out to change songs or adjust the volume. SUPER annoying if you ask me.


This Black Friday weekend, AFTERSHOKZ is actually offering their wireless headphones at a discount along with a BOGO deal – buy one, give one. For every order of wireless headphones on their website, they’ll just go ahead and ADD one free sample of Trekz Titanium headphones!!! (While supplies last) for you to give away!! The company is actually really cool because they want to create a pay-it-forward effect and help others spread the AfterShokz love this season by surprising someone with headphones.

I did it!! I filmed it too haha, you can check it out here if you want! 🙂


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