Try this exercise for the next two weeks!

Warm up on the stair master for 10 minutes, level 6

Bosu Ball Alternating Taps

(Start standing to the left of the bosu ball with your left foot on the ground and your right foot in the center of the bosu ball. You will stay low the entire time like you’re in chair pose, so bend that left knee and stick that butt out so that your knee is ALWAYS above your ankle. Now quickly do a 2 step shuffle across the bosu ball – staying low -and tap your right foot on the ground keeping your left foot in the center of the bosu ball. Quickly go back and forth.)

20 reps

Bosu Back Lunges

(Start with the bosu ball in front of you and get in a proper lunge with your left foot on the ball and your right foot on the ground behind you. Use your legs to push yourself up towards the bosu ball, taping your right foot on the ball then returning your right foot back behind you straight into a lunge. You should really start to feel this in your left glute. Keep your upper body up, don’t let your chest move towards your thigh.)

10 reps each side

Bosu Around the World

This is like cardio so move fast! Alternate toe taps on the side of the bosu ball as you move around the bosu ball in a circle.

100 reps

Bosu Squats

(Flip the bosu over so that the ball is on the ground. Now carefully stand on the flat part of the bosu ball. This will strengthen your entire body and improve your balance quickly over time. Spread your feet to about the width of the handles and squat down. It will be tough the first few times, just make sure you keep proper form)

10 reps

Bosu Arms

Grab 2 5lb dumbbells and step back onto the flat part of the bosu ball. Stand with your feet hip width apart with a slight bend in your knees.


15 Biceps Curls

15 Side Lateral Raises (Shoulders)

Bend slightly at the waist, keeping your back flat, Do 15 Triceps Kickbacks

Bosu Push-Ups

Keeping the ball side down and the flat part up, grab the sides of the bosu ball and knock out some push ups

5 reps


Finish with 20 minutes of cardio, your choice.


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