Alright you guys, I FINALLY WENT AND DID IT.

I don’t have the worst back on the planet but maybe like the 8th worst.

My grandma gave my mom scoliosis who then passed it along to me and my younger sister so that’s been fun. I feel it everyday, in everything I do and it drives me f-innnggggggg insane, like you have no idea.

I feel it in my hips, in my ribs, in my shoulders, my knees, like it’s horrible. Especially because I’m so in tune with my body it ESPECIALLY drives me nuts. I know I can’t totally fix my spine but I’m playing around with different things to see how they at least help it.

I tried a bunch of different chiropractors but that was just way too intense and didn’t really seem to be helping me personally.

I have been doing some aerial yoga which has been AMAZING (thanks class pass) but I have been dying to see how I would respond to things like acupuncture and cupping.

I still have to make an appointment for acupuncture but I finally went to my cupping appointment and it, was, fucking, magical.

Okay so WHY CUPPING, right?

Cupping is a traditional Chinese practice and I am SO into Japanese & Chinese medicine right now (I need to finish my China Study Book). I feel like they just really have their shit together and really sort of just get the whole health thing.

So basically the whole process is about 20 minutes. You walk into a room that looks like it wants you to take a nap in it, get in a backless gown (not a cute one) and lie face down.

In my case, the doctor came in and immediately felt my shoulders and noticed that I hold all my stress in my traps. She lightly pressed her fingers down my spine and also noted that I am tight right in the middle of my back where emotions are held so she wanted to release those.

Crazy right? I love this stuff.

So she put the cups all along my spine but it didn’t hurt at all I promise. It felt a little awkward but it was also SUPER RELAXING.

She just had me lay there for 15 minutes before coming back in and taking them off. She asked me if I eat clean because my spots weren’t as red as most so that was nice!

But as suspected, as you can tell in the picture, one of my most colorful circles was right at my left shoulder blade (I tense up there ALL THE TIME) and then surprisingly my other dark one was in my kidney area. She suggested more water so we’ll see if it’s lighter next time I go in, like next week!

So what is cupping doing exactly??

So when you get a massage you know how they also give you a glass of water after? That’s because while they are hitting all those sore muscles, they are releasing toxins into your body that have been locked up in your muscles.

The water helps to flush them out through your urine BUT in cupping, instead of the toxins being pushed around within your body they are being pulled straight out from your skin. (Our skin is the largest organ we have for detoxing).

This is why the discoloration occurs and why some spots are darker than others. You still need to MAKE SURE  though that you drink plenty of water afterwards.

During the cupping process, more blood begins to circulate through those toxic areas which is EPIC!! This releasing tightness, obviously improves circulation and then removes those toxins so it’s all just wonderful.

Okay – why is this in the girl talk section?

Haha okay guys so I don’t know if you’ve ever done or heard of cryotherapy before but I did it one time (you basically just stand in this freeeeezing ass tube for 2 minutes – it improves circulation and gives you energy…) and when I walked out of that thing I. was. horny. AF. haha too much?

When our circulation is sent into overdrive like that it’s natural to feel that way, that’s also why we get that rush of lasting energy.

So TODAY sure enough we leave the cupping appointment and I felt pretty good, but about 10 minutes later, SAME THING. haha It is INSANE. Like INSAAAAAAANE.

Not to mention, I’m on like 5 hours of sleep and I feel like I’m now moving 8 million miles an hour, cleaning, cooking, organizing, my mind is clear, I’m energized but not in a jittery way.

I’m noticing even as I sit at this computer that my shoulders aren’t trying to creep up by my ears like they normally do, it’s glorioussssss.

Uhm so yeah, it was awesome, I already have another appointment set up and I can’t wait to try acupuncture.

Any thoughts? Leave them below!

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