I never thought i’d be the person to get extensions because I spend about as much time on my hair as I do on dating apps buuuuuuut here we are, Rapunzeled AF.

I actually had long hair my whole life and I’ve only had short hair for like the last year and a half so in a way, this long hair feels more normal to me than the short cut, minus the thickness, and extra length, and the tracks …but overall…I feel like a better version of the old me hahah.

I want to first talk about WHY I never considered getting extensions even though it made 90% of people look better. I’ve been a sports/gym/high bun with a hoodie kind of person since I was old enough to walk but anytime I’ve talked to people about extensions they’ve told me that it rips out all of your hair (I don’t have much to spare sooo) and they said you can’t sweat with them.

Umm so just no then, okay cool.

But now that I’m going through this weird grow out phase with my hair, I needed a crutch until it grows out more or else I was going to end up chopping it off again and probably regretting it.

Monique from Extension Bar LA came to my rescue.

“Fantastic, long lasting hair extensions start with me, and end with you.”

I told her about my reservations with the whole hair falling out and me working out thing and she assured me that she knows what she’s doing when it comes to putting the extensions in and taking them out, I just need to take care of them and everything will be groovy. She also said that the kind she gave me is the best for people who work out so it was all a win.

I did a little Q and A with Monique that i wanted to share with you guys just in case you’re currently like ME and sorta on the fence with getting extensions. If you have any other questions you want me to ask her, just leave it in the comments below and I’ll shoot her a text!

C: Alrighty! What kind of extension did you give me??!

M: You have our desire method which is hand tied beaded wefts which no one else does in this area.

C: Why did you feel that these would be the best option for me compared to other extensions? Is it because you know I work out a lot?

M: That’s exactly why! If you work out a lot with these it’s okay because they don’t slip and when you put your hair up they don’t show. It’s definitely for the girl with an active lifestyle. Also you have a lot of hair so it gives you the best coverage.

C: How were the extensions put in exactly? I was on the phone half the time dealing with potential identity theft so I wasn’t paying attention haha, casual.

M: Haha! So we attached them with thread. We thread the hair and attach a bead around the hair then we put the hand tied wefts on and sew it on top. It’s seamless hand tied wefts which are lighter and thinner than traditional wefts. Most people only need 2 but since you have thicker hair we gave you 3.

C: What do other people do WRONG when putting in extensions that you make sure to do RIGHT.

M: They don’t go with the direction that the hair grows so it pulls the hair which is damaging. I’ve perfected the way that me and my team put them in so we make sure it isn’t damaging.

C: What’s the number one thing that the consumer does wrong when wearing the extensions?

M: They do not take care of it and they do not follow the take home instructions. Typically what we see is that they buy the wrong brushes, the wrong products, and just overall don’t take care of the hair. Fantastic long lasting hair extensions starts with me, and ends with you.

C: How long should I expect these extensions to last?

M: If you take care of them properly, they will last 8-10 weeks!

C: What are some of the main at home care instructions?

M: Brush the hair when you wake up and before you go to sleep, don’t sleep with wet extensions, pull the hair into a lose low pony or braids before going to bed and we suggest sleeping with a silk pillow case.

C: Amazing!! Oh and how long have you been doing extensions for?

M: 16 years!

I’ve had these extensions for a couple weeks now and i absolutely LOVE them. i wear them in braids and high pony tails no problem and curl them – just all the things! They are a DREAM. I was a little nervous at first but I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out and the compliments from people have proven that they look super real and well blended.

Check out Extension Bar LA for the best extensions!


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