Due to my PMS attitude the other day, I came home and immediately felt like having a drink was appropriate but I wanted to at least keep it a little festive. 

Normally I would go for a glass of red but to be honest, we just didn’t have any and the thought of going back into LA traffic AGAIN was nauseating so I cancelled that idea and went with this. 

So typically, a White Russian is cream, vodka, and Kahlúa, which isn’t bad but I wanted to add my own flavor to it. 

As you guys know, ever since I did my cleanse I have stopped drinking coffee and I have become obsessed with Earl Grey tea. I’ve realized it works really well as a ‘bullet proof coffee” and it gives me lasting energy all day which is just necessary.

I had some Earl Grey tea leftover in my teapot from this morning so I tried adding that to my mix of Vodka, Kahlúa and a few other ingredients and it was PERFECTION. Plus were getting anti-oxidants from the tea sooooo I’ll take it lol. Could totally cancel out considering were also drinking vokda but it’s worth a shot. 

Okay – let’s get into it.



– 1/3 CUP HONEY 

– CINNAMON STICKS (optional, its just for looks)

– Coconut Ice ( @Trader Joes or you can make your own with the rest of your coconut milk. Will have to set aside at least 4 hours for it to freeze, or just use regular ice!)


– 1 oz COCONUT FULL FAT MILK (in a can)

– 1 1/2 oz KAHLÚA

– 2 oz VODKA

– 3 tbsp ALMOND MILK



  1. Boil one cup of water then add 4 tea bags and let it steep for about 10 minutes.
  2. Meanwhile, add Vodka, Kahlúa, Coconut Milk and Almond Milk to a mixing glass a stir.
  3. Once your tea is done steeping, remove the bags, and add the honey and vanilla extract to your pot and return to a boil. 
  4. Once it boils, pour ONE OUNCE of the mix into your glass, stir. 
  5. Now just pour everything over regular ice or your coconut ice, sprinkle on some nutmeg, and add a cinnamon stick to garnish!

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