“Brusha, brusha, brushhaaaaaa.”

So something you might not know about me is that I used to have some SERIOUS cellulite. BUMMMMMMER. Basically I used to work out a bunch and then dropped sports and got lazy. Because of that, YOU GUESSED IT,  cellulite starting building up on the backs of my thighs. THEN I started a bad habit, lost a lot of weight and quickly gained it all back and became lazier than ever. 

(Don’t worry – I have a BIG surprise coming in January 2017 that will fill you guys in on this bad habit + how I overcame it and much more!! EEEKKK stay tuned!)

Fortunately as you’ll come to find out, I got my shit together and started hitting the gym again with a healthy diet and sure enough, my cellulite totally vanished. #GOALS.

But of course in the process I was Googling anything and everything that would help me reduce cellulite. 

I learned that cellulite is basically our fat pockets pushing up against the connective tissue under our skin. Lack of diet and lack of exercise are two HUGE contributors to cellulite so I knew I had to really start to kick my ass in the gym.

I also read that OF COURSE, our skin tissue is thinner than men’s, which is why us ladies are usually the ones to be rocking it. 


Anyways – in the process, I learned about this whole “dry brush topic”.

If you’ve never heard of it, dry brushing is basically an at home remedy to reduce the appearance of cellulite, and I think it actually works. It involves purchasing a dry brush (you want to make sure you buy one with a long handle so you can reach the backs of your legs and your back, and you want to make sure it’s made with tough bristles – typically bristles from cactus or vegetables). 


So what you want to do is start at your feet and use LONG, UPWARD strokes along your leg. Once you’ve done that on one leg all the way to your hip, start at your other foot and do that leg. 

Then you want to complete your midsection and your back, again making sure that you’re using LONG strokes, pushing all the blood towards your heart.

Lastly, start at your hands and push UP towards your heart. 


So obviously, you’re taking a dry brush and rubbing it against your bare skin which is definitely exfoliating your body, everywhere. It’s getting rid of dead skin cells which then makes any moisturizer that you put on right afterwards EXTREMELY useful because your skin will have an easier time absorbing it. 

It also improves circulation which is why some say (and i’ve experienced) increased energy levels after dry brushing. 

It also helps move lymph fluid into your lymph nodes which allows the waste can be eliminated therefore causing those “cottage cheese bumps” to go away. Our body naturally does this but dry brushing helps to speed up the process. 

Here is a natural hard bristle dry brush that you can order if you want to try dry brushing! I actually am in love with it. I feel like a lot of girls, myself included, we pay so much attention to the skin on our face but kind of ignore that the rest of the body is made of skin! We need to remember that the entire body needs to be exfoliated in order to obtain fresh, glowing skin!

Let me know what you think! I love hearing your guys’ feedback! 



2 comments on “DRY BRUSHING: IS IT WORTH IT?

  1. Hi Chelsey – loving your blog so far! Just found it through Instagram today. I lost 55 lbs last year (from November – July) and it didn’t make a dent in my cellulite. I have it on my upper thighs and butt – I’ve always had it. My mom has it (and she’s a size 4), my sister has it, you get the picture. I only did cardio during my weight loss, no weights or any other training – I’m curious to know if you think a specific type of exercise may help me with this issue? I’m so self conscious about it I can’t even enjoy my weight loss results because I hide under jeans and long dresses. Very frustrating. I can’t wait to order the dry brush and try that trick, but any other tips are appreciated.

    1. Hi Lola!! I’m SO sorry I’m just seeing this! CONGRATS on losing the weight girl!! So there’s a few reasons for cellulite, one unfortunately being genetics and hormones but other factors that may produce cellulite are eating foods high in fat, too many strarchy carbs and not enough fiber.
      Also, wearing under garments that are too tight may decrease blood flow to those areas which may promote cellulite SO I would just make sure you’re eating more fruits and veggies and fiber and drink more water throughout the day.
      ALSO – a tan is always a girls best friend. Sometimes i’ll get a spray tan for like 20 bucks and it usually lasts like a week and it’s amazing!

      You’re doing great girl, don’t let it discourage you!

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