Okay, Imagine that you just started dating a guy and you are just head over heels for him. You don’t see anything wrong with him, you think he’s gorg from hair to toe, he doesn’t annoy you and you just love being around him..


Now imagine that every time you hang out with this guy you notice that he talks about or mentions or complains about his teeth.

Maybe they’re not the straightest but you never noticed. If anything I’m sure you thought it was cute and different that they weren’t perfectly straight. You didn’t really give a shit.

But he keeps on talking about it and talking about it and examining them and gets self cautious about them.

What do you start to notice?

His teeth.

Maybe, you start to think to yourself…oh yeah…I guess his teeth are kind of bad.

or, I think I actually prefer to have someone with straight teeth.

Whatever. You get the idea.

Something that you never even noticed before or maybe even liked, now has become something that you notice.

You look to see if they’ve tried to do something different, you notice now if they’re whiter, or straighter. Shit you might even be counting them by now.



– I have an ugly stomach

– I hate this scar right here

– My ears are SO big

– My second toe is bigger than my big toe

– My face is fat

– My arms are so chubby

– I’m a bitch

– I’m spoiled

– I’m ugly

– My legs are seriously DISGUSTING.



These are all things i’ve heard girls say about themselves. IT’S HORRIBLE.

They pick at themselves over and over and over again and declare statements about themselves that aren’t true.

They say it so much that people around them start to see those things and take notice of them.

Here’s another example.

Picture a girl at a pool party that is very overweight, but she’s happy. She’s a GOOD TIME, she’s nice, she’s laughing, she compliments others, she isn’t afraid to eat by the damn pool or get her hair wet.


A girl who is very overweight at a pool party who is covering up her stomach, complaining about the way she looks, refusing to eat, talking down on other girls because they are thinner than her.

Even though something may even be obvious, the less you point it out, the less people care!

And I don’t mean, pointing out the obvious…

Like telling everyone a million times that you don’t care about your weight or your look or your attitude or whatever. 

I mean, just not even bringing it up.

If you don’t care, then don’t talk about it.

Easy right?

Even if you DO CARE. Try just not complaining about it or pointing it out to people and see how you feel.

Not to necessarily hide your feelings but to build up confidence within yourself.


I’ve noticed this so much since I’ve moved to LA and it is seriously DRAINING.

Everyone has a complaint, no one is satisfied, girls are LITERALLY staring at themselves for SOOO long pointing out each and every thing.

It’s unattractive you know?

At least if you don’t like something then shut up about it, fix it, or get over it and move on.

I’m sorry if that’s harsh but seriousllllly, no one cares as much as you do until you POINT IT OUT 5 MILLIONS TIMES.

Be confident. Be happy. Take what you have and roll with it. I’m sure there’s THOUSANDS of girls out there who would kill to be you.


Okay the rant is over.

Love you guys. 

Talk tomorrow. 


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