Nothing like a friendly reminder on a Monday morning. 

Surprisingly, I woke up today thinking about why assholes, are assholes, you know? Totally normal. 

I’ve mentioned this before but I am someone who is very interested in why people are the way they are. I was going to go to school for psychology but then realized I didn’t really want to pay for it haha. 

I work at a place in Beverly Hills where pretty much every other 10th person is rude or nasty towards me, for no reason. 

I was pulling into my driveway yesterday morning waiting for the gate to open and a woman in her like THIRTIES walked around my car and flipped me off. Haha, I gave her a thumbs up. 

Then a few days before that I was at Trader Joe’s at like 8 in the morning, tired af, and put my groceries on the belt and was just waiting. Then some guy comes up behind me and throws all of this groceries onto the belt and grabs one of those divider things and say’s to me, “is it really that fucking hard to just put this here?!”

I could barely even see, I had been awake for a total of like 15 minutes and this guy was putting this in my ear. 

I just looked at him and turned back around. 

I feel like I pretty much have no patience and all the patience in the world for assholes, you know? 

I don’t react to them because I know they’re not really angry at me, but I also don’t entertain them. 

OH – this story is good too. 

So a few weeks ago I was at the lounge that I work at and we we’re completely stacked, there was no where to sit except for one table that was reserved – which obviously means no one can sit there unless you’re the person that reserved the table. Welcome to the rules of 2017. 

So this couple comes in and they ask me if they can sit at the table with the reserve sign on it because there’s no where else for them to sit. 

I said ” noo I’m so sorry this table is actually reserved…” 

The man looks at me, rolls his eyes and starts walking away. The woman gets frustrated, STARTS, to walk away, and then comes back up to me and says “Do you KNOW who he is??!!?”

I said, Nope. 

Then she rolled her eyes and walked out. 

I kind of wanted to tell her that maybe she should make a reservation next time, but also just didn’t really care that much. 

Here’s the thing though – I feel like we’ve all been guilty of this. We have things going on in our own lives and we somehow someway take it out on an innocent bystander. We might be a little snappier or a little more quiet. 

Personally, I’m BEYOND over people in LA making their first question be “So, what do you do?” IT’S SO ANNOYING TO ME. I get asked this question probably 10 times a week and I used to always tell people what I doooo and why and when and blah blah blah. 

But lately I’ve had enough and I noticed that I’ve kind of been snapping. One time someone asked me what I do (and Im talking about stranger you guys, not like someone I’m trying to get to know) and I told them that I just live. I just do my thing. And a couple minutes later he goes, but you never told me what your primary source of income is…


THEN some random person came up to me the other day and said “Hey, what’s up? So what do you do? And I flat out told him I hate that question.

Then I thought to myself later that that was kind of an asshole thing to say. It wasn’t that he did anything wrong, I was just over being asked the same question 5 billion times. 

I think it’s important for us to remember that if you’re angry or upset about something or with someone, to make sure that you aren’t taking it out on anyone else. 

It’s not fair to the person that you’re being rude to and it’s counter productive. 

Also – a lot of the time I feel like people are just unhappy with themselves and it’s not that they’re necessarily having a bad day or angry with anyone else. But somehow you get in their way in a driveway and suddenly your satan. 

Don’t be an asshole. And if someone decides to be one towards you, ignore them. They’re not mad at you. You didn’t do anything. It’s their own problem and you getting mad is only going to feed the flame higher. 

This basically just starts a tornado of bad energy, flying emotions, and negative vibes. 

Don’t be afraid to make light of the situation or show the other person that they’re the only one that’s angry…and for no reason. 

For example, when someone points their finger in my face at work (looovee it) or yells at me, I just smile and widen my eyes like I’m staring at a toddler sort of. Or I just kind of laugh and ask them if they’re done, orrrr I just ignore them.

I don’t think that’s being rude I just think that it’s not worth it to bring my vibe down just because someone wants to take their anger out on me. 

So that’s all. Just don’t be an ass, and don’t let the assholes dampen your mood. Stay up.



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