Don’t worry, I don’t mean it in a mean way. In fact, I’m kind of writing this as a reminder for myself!


You know how life is solid, everything’s pretty good, you can’t complain and then BOOM, fucking out of nowhere you are drowning in life, don’t know why you’re even on this planet, NO clue WTF you’re doing or why you’re doing it. 

You see everything as pointless, you’re a failure, you should be further along in your career and in your relationship.

You SUCK, right?

Literally it’s like one day you say, OH! I’m so happpyyyyy! I’m living with my friends, I’m making as much money as a server as I would If I had a “real” job, I’m single AF and loving iiiiitttt HAAAAY.

Next day:

WHY THE HELL don’t I have my own place yet, I HATE living with people, I still work in a restaurant, I’m just gunna serve people for the rest of my life, I never fulfilled what I ACTUALLY wanted to do, I should be at least dating someone at this point………

Yeah – we’ve all been there.

Including me, for sure.

All I’m going to say right now is, 


Deep breath in…annnnd out. One more timmmme….cool. Now let’s talk.


So maybe you are this person or you’ve heard this before but …The person that when something bad happens says, “I KNEW THAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN!”

Um, what?

Why would you pre meditate something bad happening?? That’s just a weird thing to do. 

Well you say because, bad things always happen to you and you just KNEW that something was going to happen.

Again, weird. 

I’m the kind of person where if things don’t go well I think, well…NEXT STEP. I don’t dwell on it and I sure as hell don’t tell everyone that that was what I was EXPECTING.


The best opportunity, the best parking spot, the best trip, the best tip, whatever.

People that are constantly expecting the worst are SERIOUSLY damaging their motivational drive, their perspective, their opportunities and their risk to take chances because no matter what they will ALWAYS seem to have a reason or an excuse as to why it won’t work or go well.

I’m currently reading a book right now called, The Secret. I’m curious as to who has heard of it and who hasn’t but basically…


It’s about the one, the only, the LAW OF ATTRACTION.

Have you guys heard of this before?

This is how Google defines it:

The LAW OF ATTRACTION is the name given to the maxim “like attracts like” which in New Thought philosophy is used to sum up the idea that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life.

Pretty basic right?

It’s basically saying that whatever you expect, you will get…whether you’re expecting good things or bad things.

So if you’re expecting bad health or expecting your boyfriend or girlfriend to cheat on you or you’re expecting your car to break down, or whatever, then it’s MORE LIKLEY to happen.

You’re brain doesn’t necessarily register that that is a bad thing. It just knows that you’re thinking of this particular thing happening, so it starts to subconsciously help you achieve that.

Scary right?

Even if you don’t know how the hell it could even be possible that something could work, if it is what you want, then YOU NEED to think and believe that it will work.

You will have good health, you will be in a long lasting & loving relationship, you will be a millionaire, you will move to Costa Rica … Get what I’m saying?

I remember when I first moved to LA my dad asked me to write out my budget.

I lied my freaking face off on that budget and I was scared. I didn’t know how the hell or where the fuck I was going to come up with money for rent, food, insurance, my car payment, gas and whatever else but I just KNEW I would make it work. 

It doesn’t mean that it was easy and it doesn’t mean that there weren’t times where I was saying “God, I don’t know how this is going to work but, I trust ya!” but it all worked out. And hey, I’ve never asked my parents for money so HOLLA.


An easier example might be this:

You know how when you start dating someone and out of no where you start seeing their car ALL AROUND THE EFFING GLOBE??

It’s obviously not your boyfriend or girlfriend that you’re seeing driving down the street 9 million times but it’s the same make and model of the car they have.

That’s because this person is constantly on your mind and now you are more drawn to things that you never would have noticed before.

The same thing happens when we start to visualize ourselves a certain way.

Pretty cool right?

This is why in any success book I’ve ever read they all say to write down where you see yourself in X amount of years. What are you wearing? What is your morning schedule? What does your house look like? BE SPECIFIC.

When you start to really see yourself somewhere you make it more tangible, Then your brain starts to work on again, subconsciously, figuring out how to obtain those things.

So if you feel like things aren’t going your way just chill out, stay positive and tell yourself that everything is going to work out. My immediate advice would be to go get this book called THE SECRET by Rhonda Byrne as well as AWAKEN THE GIANT WITHIN by Anthony Robbins.

These books will help you stay positive and help you think about what you really want and help you plan on how to get there.

Keep your head up!


xoxo Chelsey 

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