My roomies and I ALWAYS have like a million ugly plastic containers on the counter ranging from pre workout to post workout to protein powders and superfoods.

We try to put them away but seriously we use them everyday so they just end up on the counter taking up SO much space and I was just over it.

If it’s going to be on the counter all day I at least want it to look good, you know?

So of course I went to arguably the best place everrr (Marshall’s) and I bought these three glass storage containers. They were all under 5 dollars….I kinnnnnda want to do this to my entire kitchen now.

And while I was there I got other stuff I didn’t need, like this gold tray, this zen candle, conditioner (actually needed) and some rose water linen spray for my bed.

Whatever. We like it right?


The big container has my MRM Meal Replacement in it, the small pink one if our pre workout that we love, and the last container is MRM’s Sacha Inchi Superfood!

I am going to start putting this stuff in my smoothies everyday!

I was reading about it and apparently it is a seed that grows inside a fruit in Peru that kinda has a nutty flavor. 

  • It reduces inflammation ALL OVER YOUR BODY, including our brains so it helps with our mood and headaches.
  • They also contain a good amount of tryptophan which helps raise our “feel good” hormone serotonin, which makes us happy !:)
  • On top of that it is PACKED with Omega-3 fatty acids which help with our bones, vision, skin, hair, and reduces our risk for diabetes.

So anyways, I’ve been wanting to tell you guys about these superfoods because they are SO good for us and they’re something new that MRM is offering. They have SOOO many to choose from so i’m starting with these and then I’ll try a new one when I’m done!

Don’t forget!! If you order anything from MRM make sure you check out with my promo code CHELSEY so that you get 40% off!

I would be so bummed for you if you paid full price when you can get it for almost half off lol.




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