So after a lot of research looking into all the reasons why it’s bad to eat carbs right before bed, I found that it actually ISN’T as big of an issue as people make it seem.

There are reasons why eating A LOT of carbs right before bed isn’t a good idea but it’s not absolutely necessary to completely cut them out. Eating a ton of carbs right before you pass out for the night isn’t recommended because carbs give you energy, which you don’t need a lot of in order to dream for a few hours. Also, when you eat right before bed you may not get a GOOD nights sleep because your digestive system is so busy breaking down a large meal.

But the bigger issue is that most people eat TOO MANY carbs at night and the WRONG KIND so it’s just easier to cut them out all together and replace them with proteins and veggies. It’s also easier on your stomach when it comes to the digestion process. 

  • As far as eating in general… you want to avoid processed foods and simple carbs. 
  • As far as eating before bed… you want to have a light meal.
  • So as far as eating carbs before bed…….. you want to keep it light and you want to enjoy COMPLEX carbs.


Simple carbs = Basically anything white. White bread, white rice, white sugar, white pasta, white potatoes….

Complex Carbs = Multi grain/seed/whole grain bread, brown rice, quinoa, lentils, whole grain pasta, sweet potatoes…


Personally, I can’t sit at home and make pasta and tell myself i’m only going to have a 1/2 cup so I just don’t make it. I stick to the proteins and veggies because I like knowing that I’ll wake up with a flat stomach after a good night of sleep and I can have carbs in the morning and have all day to burn it off, BUT, to each is own.

So this made me curious about when the best time to eat carbs really is, and why! 

I came to find that we want to be consuming our carbs when we have high levels of insulin.

Our insulin levels are high when our glucose storage is depleted. So for example, when we first wake up our glucose is depleted because our bodies used it all night long to run our basic survival needs. MEANING, it’s a good time for carbs!!

When we eat carbs during times that we have high insulin, our muscles act like sponges and slowly take in all the energy and nutrients from the carbs.

Now say we were to eat carbs right before bed, if our muscles are already stocked up then the insulin will just turn the carbs into fat and store them somewhere.

So can you think of two other times that you might have high insulin levels and can get away with enjoying the hell out of some carbs?!!

BOOM. Yes. Before and after a workout.

It’s a good idea to have them before a workout because while you’re working out you are burning through all of your glucose storages. By having some complex carbs in your system, your body will have more to work with and will allow you to power through a workout without feeling dizzy.

After a workout, you are SPENT. You used up some to ALL of your energy and your muscles are ready to be fed. A few carbs here won’t be anything but helpful to you!

So for those of you who love their carbs and just can’t seem to find a way to make them love you back…try this 🙂 


My Examples: (I like to do cardio on an empty stomach first thing in the morning so on some days, my Wake up meal also acts as my post workout meal.

Wake up: 1 piece multi grain toast with 2 egg whites, basil , sun dried tomatoes and avocado.

If I go back that day to work out again whether its weights, a class, or more running, I make sure to have my pre workout snack

Pre Workout Snack: 1/2 cup oatmeal with granola and almond milk

Post Workout Snack: 1/2 cup black beans, steamed broccoli and flax seed chips.

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