I’m excited for this week with you guys because I’m going to fill you in on a little something that I learned about two years ago. Ready? Okay. So get this…you can actually build…your butt.

I know, I know, groundbreaking news. Why I never considered this as an option up until then is beyond me. 

Now I understand that this concept is so obvious but it wasn’t until I saw some before and after pictures of my friend that I realized the difference a girl can make for herself. Since then I have adopted some prime booty moves into my workout 3-4times a week and it has definitely paid off. 

So your butt has three main muscles  – gluteus medius, gluteus maximus and gluteus minimus. The gluteus maximus is the biggest and strongest muscle in your body which means that there is a lot of room for growth there! It makes up the main squishy party of your bum while the gluteus medius builds the upper portion and the gluteus minimus is what creates that lift in the lower half.

Try to do this full booty workout 3-4 times this week and from here on out be sure to add it to your weekly routine!

If anything is too easy make sure you grab some heavier weights! The last 3 reps of each exercise should be difficult if you are using an appropriate weight. 

You got this


Put one or both hands on a bar or a wall. Put all of your weight on your right leg and lift your left leg off the ground and extend it straight out in front of you. 

– Keeping your back straight and your shoulders back, squat down into your right leg making your thigh parallel with the ground.

– Squat back up keeping your left leg off the ground and extended out

– Repeat 20 times on the right then switch to the left.

– For more of a challenge – hold a weight in the opposite hand of the leg you are squatting and get LOW!


– Start out lying on your left side with your legs straight, your feet stacked and use your left hand to support your head.

– Keeping your leg straight, lift your right leg into the air making sure that you keep your toes pulled back.

– Bring it up to a 45-degree angle then slowly lower back down towards your left leg but don’t set it down all the way until you have done all 20

– Repeat for 20 on the other side.


Put all of your weight on your right leg.

– Grab two dumb bells or one barbell and start off standing with all you weight on your right leg. 

– Hold the weights down and in front of your legs and lift your left foot slightly off the ground.

– Then slowly hinge at your waist bringing the weights down towards your feet and your left foot back and towards the sky.

– Keep your shoulders back and your back flat

– Slowly move back up to the starting position keeping your left leg off the ground until you have done all 20 reps. Then switch legs.


– Get down on your hands and knees and start by lifting your right leg out to the side

– Keep it bent in the same position the entire time! (It’s as if you’re using a fire hydrant like your pup, hence the name of this exercise) Sounds silly but it kills.

– Bring it back in to the starting position but don’t set your knee on the ground until you have done all 20 reps! Do your best to get your inner thigh parallel to the floor when you lift it out to the side.


– Hold a weight in each hand OR grab a barbell and rest it on your shoulders. 

– Stand with feet hip distance apart and start by stepping forward with your left foot into a lunge putting both legs into a 90-degree angle.

– Push through your left heel back to the starting position and immediately step out to the left for a side lunge.

– Push through the left heel again back to the starting position then immediately step the left foot backwards into a lunge.

– Return to the starting position and continue into the forward lunge.

Repeat this process of forwards, side and back for a total of 15 reps on each leg.


– Start by lying down on your left side with your legs stacked and slightly bent in a 90-degree angle so that your feet are close to your bottom.

–  Use your left hand to support your head.

– Keeping your feet together and your knees bent, lift your right knee

up, hold for a second then lower back down.

– Repeat this for a total of 20 times then switch sides.


  1. Any time I try and do hip abducters I get a cramp in my hip and I panic stop. I really want to work this part out though to grow my butt! I’m not sure what to do

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