Obviously, wake up with no pants on first. Then stare at your fridge for 10 minutes with a cup of coffee and try to figure it out. 

Personally, I know that if my first meal is french toast and hash browns, my meal standards for the rest of the day are pretttyyy low. Screw it i had syrupy bread for breakfast, might as well have the whole sushi menu for lunch. 

So besides breakfast being important for setting the tone for the rest of your lovely long lived day, it’s important because it will decide how you feel immediately. Here’s some pointers for that first big decision of the day.


Do start by drinking a glass of water with fresh squeezed lemon

Do enjoy coffee with a nut milk or a tea with honey

Do enjoy a protein filled breakfast. This will make you fuller faster and keep you fuller, longer!

Do take out the egg yolk

Do have complex carbs > refined carbs (ALWAYS!) This means whole grain toast or oatmeal. NOT cereal, white bread, muffins, doughnuts or any of that crap that will turn into sugar as soon as it’s digested.



Don’t go carb crazy, especially if you don’t have a busy day planned ahead. Remember carbs = energy. If I’m doing 30 mins of cardio an hour after I wake up i’ll have fruit for breakfast or maybe some yogurt and berries. If i’m doing heavy weights i’ll have oatmeal or gluten free toast with egg whites and avocado.

Don’t skip breakfast

Don’t have sugar loaded juice or juice from concentrate. FRESH OR COLD PRESSED JUICE ONLY! 

Don’t drown your breakfast in a sodium filled hot sauce, salt = bloating and dehydration


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