I want to be able to be myself wherever and whenever I want. I actually suck as trying to fake that I’m anything else. But now that I have been living in LA for about 3 years I’m noticing that there’s so many “rules”.


“You can’t dress like that here”, “you can’t talk to these people like that”, “you have to look good at all times” “If it doesn’t have X amount of likes then you need to delete it”.


We ARE the generation of social media – I get it. I wouldn’t be able to do what I love if social media didn’t exist. Because I do what I do through the internet I UNDERSTAND that people, including myself, want to see things that are beautiful or motivational. I’m all about it! But at what point does it become more about the way you look and less about what you have to say or teach?


At this point in my life I don’t have the money to go buy a new workout outfit every week, nor do I have the time to make a pretty 18 ingredient dinner for myself every night.


I think because social media is very aesthetically appealing, the pages with the best of the best EVERYTHING get the most hype without really providing any information at all.

From people that I’ve talked to I’m finding that this can be very discouraging.


I think it’s important to be REAL! Be YOU! Do YOUR best! Behind the accounts you follow there are real people who are probably going through a lot of the same things that you are going through. They may post all their best things but that is not ALL of who they are.


We all have cheat days. We all have cheat days that turn into cheat weeks. We all feel insecure sometimes and don’t always look our best. The other day for example I got up and went to the gym in red shoes, black and blue leggings, and a black and yellow shirt. Haha YIKES I know, but WHATEVER. I’m pretty sure the night before that I got off work at 11:30 and met up with some friends at Third Stop to enjoy an IPA and a pizza. LATE NIGHT HAPPY HOUR! 9 bucks for everything!


Sure I didn’t look my best the next day but I’m human, not a doll.


I believe that being happy is a HUGE part of being healthy and you can’t have one if you don’t have the other. LOVE who you are and never feel like you’re not allowed to be yourself. Forgetting who YOU are is one of the most destructive things you can do and it could be years until you find yourself again.




If you do what feels right in your heart you’ll never have to wonder if you’re doing the right thing.


I just want to connect with you guys and remind you that we’re all the same! I have feelings, fears, insecurities, goals, good days, lazy days, and ups and downs in motivation BUT as long as you stay true to yourself and stay focused on what you want to become, things will never be as hard as they could be if you were to lose yourself.






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  1. Honestly I really enjoyed reading this post because I can truly relate. I’m 22 and I’m currently a college student. Before I started college, I felt SO lost. I had the right head on my shoulders but I just didn’t know where exactly I was going with my life. And that terrified me. I had it embedded in my head that Im "already supposed to know what I’m going to do with the rest of my life". I’ve never had a problem with being myself or being honest or anything a long those lines but I did often wonder if I "was going to be ok". It wasn’t until I started school at SDSU (go Aztecs?) that I felt so connected with myself mentally and spiritually. It’s ironic because going to college doesn’t necessarily make someone happy or content with one self. I mean for the most part it’s a time of stress and lots of emotions! There are more harder times than fun times in college. But I think for me, college helped me to find myself. I’ve never been so happy and stressed out at the same time. It sounds weird but that’s how I can describe it. I think it’s important to have a balance. The important thing that I have found is that, you must find something that makes you happy and makes you reach for the stars at the same time. I’ve also accepted failure as a part of life because with out failure, there is no moving forward. You have to fall down in order to get back 3 times as strong. I enjoy reading your blog posts, following you on social media because you work hard towards your goals. You’re a positive influence to young girls. I can see that fitness is what drives you to be a better you and I admire that! I used to be crazy crazy about working out and when I wouldn’t get to work out everyday I would freak out for no reason. Now I know it’s okay and although It’s hard for me to fit a good workout in every day, I don’t beat myself Up for it. I do what I can even if it’s not a super intense workout. Thank you for your constant motivation :)) it doesn’t go unoticed !!! -Karina

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