Honestly – if a “Quick Lunch” recipe makes it to my blog –

it’s because I’m low key addicted to it and I’ve shared it too many times on insta to NOT share the recipe haha. 

I did a break down of this recipe on the FABFITFUN snapchat last weekend and so many of you have told me that you’ve not only tried it but you’re ALSO obsessed with it haha so I’m excited to post it on the blog so we can always refer back to it. 

WARNING – if you don’t like BBQ sauce YOU WILL NOT LIKE THIS haha. I thought that was pretty obvious but I made my boyfriend a serving not knowing he didn’t like BBQ sauce and sure enough – he politely told me he hated it so, yeah, just be aware of that….

So as some of you know, I recently started eating meat again (you can read why in this blog) and it has been such a game changer. Chicken still weirds me out so a lot of my meals have had turkey in them so that I can eat less calories and feel more satisfied. 

Eating more protein not only gives us healthier and stronger nails and hair but it also helps us BURN more calories SIMPLY from eating it! The same thing goes for fiber. This is known as TEF or, the Thermogenic Effect of Food. 

Hence, why I stock up on more protein these days 🙂 I feel like my meals have gotten bigger and more satisfying than they used to be and they are like half the calories. 

Before we get into the turkey bowl recipe, something that I wan’t to point out is that I have a CRAZY obsession with Power Crunch Bars, haha if you’ve never had one, I HIGHLY suggest trying one – double chocolate and vanilla are my two favorite flavors 🙂

I wanted to bring this up because like I said, I love power crunch bars and I’ll continue to buy them for like EVER haha but I used to try to have a power crunch bar as a meal because it was a solid 210 calories with 12-14 g of protein and only 5 grams of sugar. 

As a result, I always felt hungry after about 2 hours, WHICH I felt was kind of normal. But once I started having this BBQ Turkey Bowl, I was noticing that I wouldn’t be hungry for up to 6 hours!

And guess how many calories this bowl has…337! That’s only 127 calories more than a power crunch bar which is less than like 2 tbsp of almond butter, with 21 MORE GRAMS OF PROTEIN. 

So like I said, this meal is FILLING. It keeps me satisfied for up to 6 hours on a work out day. Imagine if I only had power crunch bars to eat…I would have had one, then another one 2 hours later, then one more two hours later if we were looking at a period of 6 hours. 

That would be 3 power crunch bars which would be a total of:

– 630 calories

– 39 grams of protein

This turkey bowl has a total of 34 grams of protein! Which is WHY it keeps me full for so long. This allows me to actually consume LESS calories throughout the day because I am able to make 377 calories last me for 6 hours where usually I would eat something with just about the same amount of calories but I would get hungry again quickly so I would eat MORE.

AGH love it. 

So yes anyways – haha sorry for the rant. This is my new favorite meal evvvvvvaaaaaa! ENJOY. 

Tag me on insta if you make it and I will share it on my page! X


 Eggs not pictured.
Eggs not pictured.

+ 1 Cup Shredded Cabbage 

+ 2 TBSP Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce – I got mine from Trader Joes

+ 1/4 an Avocado

+ 3 Ounces Organic 99/1 Ground Turkey

+ 2 Eggs


(Super Easy)

+ Cook the turkey for about 8 minutes on each side until it’s a nice brown color and there’s no pink. 

+ In a separate pan, scramble the two eggs. 

+ Place the cabbage in a bowl and add in the turkey, scrambled eggs, and 1/4 avocado.

+ Mix in two TBSP bbq sauce.

+ Add Sea Salt.


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