Being bloated sucks. Ladies, we already have to go through that sh*t once a month guaranteed. Sorry for the language but DAMN ITS ANNOYING.

So, other than those days i’d really appreciate it if all my hard work didn’t hide under this weird bloat thing that tends to happen. So I looked into what makes it happen, and how to avoid it.

I never eat a lot of dairy. The most i’ll ever have is my greek yogurt….

But, the other night I was enjoying a drink and some good conversation and we decided to get a cheese plate. The guy talking about cheese could have gone on for years so we just decided to get one. I’d say it was more of an interesting experience than it was tasty, but regardless…we finished it.

I got home that night and seriously wanted to jump off of my balcony. I felt like my stomach was actually GOING to kill me and I looked about 5 months pregnant. 

The amount of cheese I ate was just WEIRD

Come to find out, fats take the longest to digest when compared to protein and carbohydrates. So they keep us full for longer periods of time which can make us look very bloated. Trust me. Last cheese plate ever. 

Other quick recipes for bloating include eating too fast and eating too much.  

Thankfully those things are pretty easy to change and will DEFINITELY reduce bloat, you just have to be aware of it. The slower you eat by the way the more aware of how full you are. 

Other than that you need to be aware of what foods you are consuming because some foods just naturally cause bloating like beans and lentils because they contain indigestible sugars called oligosaccharides that have to be broken down by the bacteria in our stomachs.

Other bloating foods include some veggies such as brussels sprouts, cauliflower, carrots and apricots. I remember a few years ago my “after the gym snack” was a big bowl of brussels sprouts cooked with hummus and a protein shake. I didn’t understand why It made me bloat so much since it was healthy but i’ve learned to avoid them, or at least eat smaller portions. 

Sweeteners like fructose can also cause bloating which might be a big one for some people because companies sneak that crap into everything. Our bodies can’t digest it so it just kind of sits there. It’s awful and you should try to be aware of it, it will make a big difference if you take that out of your diet!

Other than thattttttt, just remember to drink a lot of water!! Even fiber is an indigestible carbohydrate so water helps to break it down.

I hope that helps 🙂 

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