I need to share something magical with you guys because I’m the most sensitive person in the world when it comes to typical side effects of weed related products BUT I’ve found an actual gem that works for relieving anxiety, pain, controlling your 8 million thoughts at once, and allowing you to relax, but also get shit done.

 Let’s get into it:


I can’t smoke weed lol, like I’ve always wanted to be that person that could just take a hit and chill and feel relaxed and giggly or get super focused but that is just. not. what. happens. Whenever I try to smoke, even if it’s just a tinnnnny little puff to maybe help me sleep or bring down my anxiety, I get PUNCHED IN THE FACE with anxiety, body aches, shortness of breath and an endless stream of consciousness about weird shit haha SOOOO smoking is out.

But I’ve always been interested in the medicinal benefits of CBD and THC so when CBD became a thing that you could buy separately, I figured I would try that. I bought drops that you can take orally but the place I purchased them didn’t have just straight up CBD. They had one that was like a 18:1 ratio of CBD to THC so I figured that would be okay.

I tried it and it tasted DISGUSTING and even though it was nowhere near as intense as smoking weed, I still could feel the underlying paranoia.

So needless to say, the struggle has been real. Real and real annoying BUT I can officially say I found a CBD company that has something that works for me.

The company is called “SOURCE” and they sell herbal supplements that contain the highest quality hemp CBD oil on the market today.

I get random spurts of anxiety that can cause me to just be in a bad mood, start to worry, feel bad about myself and if paired with lack of sleep, it can lead to panic attacks.

Apparently my dad gets bad anxiety and his dad used to as well but whether or not it’s a genetics thing, I’m unsure. All I know is that I live a healthy lifestyle and I’m a positive person so to experience anxiety so often is really kind of terrible and not something I want to deal with and it’s definitely not something I would ever want to ask for medication for.

I got a bottle ofSource CBD Hemp Oil 500mg extra strength +their Topical Salve also 500mg extra strength and someHemp Extract Chapstick, just because.

They also have products for your pets which I have heard work really well. I don’t currently have a pet but if you have one that deals with anxiety then I think this would be an AMAZING option for them and easy to give to your pet!

To be totally honest – even though there is NO THC in this product, I was still nervous to use it hahah. I’ve just never experienced any kind of product related to weed that didn’t give me a little paranoia. BUT earlier today I was feeling mad anxiety.

I was getting lost in my own thoughts.

I was clenching my jaw.

I was getting up tight.

For no DAMN reason.

So I figured if there’s a time to use this stuff, it’s now.

I did 1/2 a mL instead of the full 1mL that is recommended and didn’t hate the taste (maybe because of the MCT coconut oil that it also has?).

While I was at it I noticed that my back was bothering me, right there in the pocket like under my shoulder blade and up to my neck. I get this often and it’s usually from skipping too many back workouts so it starts to get weak and allows my shoulders to creep forward which pulls on that area. Also from being on my computer a lot, my neck is tilted down a bit for hours on end which also pulls on that part of my lats SO I can safely say, it bothers me often.

I decided to rub the Topical Salve onto my neck and into the left side of my back and I’d say within 10 minutes, not only did it stop hurting but I’ve actually noticed that I’m letting my left shoulder relax back and down while I type instead of hiking it up towards my ears.

That could also be due to the oil kicking in, which I’d say also happened fully after about 10-20 minutes.

I went from feeling angst to feeling focused and relaxed. I don’t feel sleepy or out of it and there’s definitely no symptoms of paranoia or feeling uncomfortable. I just feel … chill.

Then I threw on the chapstick just to see what was up with that haha which is nice, feels like normal chap stick, no side effects from that.

This is a product that I really wanted to share with you guys because I think that a lot of you might be in the same boat as me and this is seriously something that I would suggest to any of my family members.

Something like this could also be beneficial to anyone that gets social anxiety or has too many thoughts flying around in their head when they’re trying to fall asleep.

Are you guys interested in products like this? Let me know in the comments below!


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