YES COCKTAILS. One of my fav subjects 😉

If you follow me on snap (chelseyrose) or know me at all, then you know I am a HUGE fan of spicy margaritas on the rocks anddddd wine.

Because even when your dieting there’s always room for a good margarita (Tweet this good news!)

A couple drinks here and there isn’t going to completely throw you off your game, BUT drinking the cocktails on the lighter end of the calorie and sugar spectrum will definitely do you better than a 400 calorie cocktail with 35 grams of sugar (excuuuuuuse us pina coladas..BYE)

So here’s some key things to remember the next time you grab a drink:

Keep it simple and fresh!

+ Do a clear liquor on the rocks (with ice) and ask for a BUNCH of lemon or lime on the side to add a little flavor.

+ Ask your bartender to muddle in something like mint or basil, and if they have pre-squeezed FRESH lime juice, ask them to add that also. None of that Roses Lime BS.

+ Like Tequilla? Ask for a SKINNY MARGARITA on the rocks. They’ll know to reduce the simple syrup in there and to not put any salt on the rim.

+ Like Gin? Ask for a gin gimlet EXTRA COLD! So bomb. It’s just gin, lime juice (make sure it’s fresh) and a little simple syrup. Then they shake it for a while so that it’s extra cold and pour it in a martini glass. SOOO YUMMMY.

+ Like Vodka? Ask if they have FRESH SQUEEZED grapefruit juice. If so ask for a Vodka with Grapefruit…don’t ask for a “greyhound”. We’re not 98 years old and the bartenders will think you’re annoying. Just saying.

+ Like Wine? Choose a DRY wine rather than a SWEET wine.

Some dry reds are: 

Pinot noir
Cabernet sauvignon

Some Dry Whites are:

Pinot blanc
Sauvignon blanc
Pinot grigio

+ Hungover? haha. Ask for a bloody mary. Extra spicy.

– Avoid Flavored Alcohol. No vanilla, orange, or apple vodkas. They just have waay more sugar.

– Avoid blended drinks as they tend to have a lot of additives. 

– Avoid Dark alcohols. Sorry captain, and fireball. They just have wayy more sugar. Ugh that hangover is the worst. 


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