Ahh, it’s kind of crazy to know that I was reading a blog just like this over a year ago and now I’m writing one.

I feel like when I got into blogging it was just like anything else really. You want to do something so you kind of just START without really knowing what you’re getting yourself into. 

At the time I was just really into writing and felt like there wasn’t enough room on instagram for what I wanted to say so I wanted to move it to a website so I guess that put me in the category of a blogger. 

I started looking up things like “How to become a blogger” and I read a bunch of things that weren’t the most exciting but they didn’t seem to discourage me. 

I knew that this was what I wanted to do so I continued to just go for it. 

That’s not to say that what these other websites were saying was wrong though. They said that becoming a blogger is tough. That you have to work on it every day and you usually won’t make money for at LEAST a year. 

Then you find out that you’re content has to be consistent AF, and your pictures have to be of quality and you probably have to invest in a camera and then you have to find your niche and build your audience. 

It’s allllll apart of it. BUT I knew that these were all things that I was interested in and I would be willing to work on. 

SO Let’s get into it. Here’s what a typical day looks like for me, 1 year into blogging. 

7:30 am 

Wake up, make my morning coffee free superfood drink, and open up my computer for e-mails. I go through my regular e-mails and then I go through the e-mails that are connected to my instagram and my website. 

9:00 am

I try to hit the gym or go to a class at this point for 30 minutes to an hour. When I get home I have my protein shake and get ready for my day. 

11:00 am

This is when I grab my computer and head to my office or I get out of the house and go to a cafe to get work done. 

I have a “blogger schedule” that I try to stick to for the week so depending on what day it is this is when I work on that. 

For example, if it’s Monday, I spend this time reaching out to brands or influencers to collaborate. On Tuesday’s I write and shoot a blog. Wednesday’s I try to film a video and start editing. Thursday I finish up editing and try to post. Friday I write a new blog, Saturday I try to get in some kind of shoot and Sunday is usually my day to chill.

If anything I’ll edit photos, get my instagram schedule set up for the week or check in with my intern to make sure we’re getting posts up on twitter and pinterest as well as sending out blogs to other blogging platforms. 

This schedule obviously doesn’t always stick because life happens and sometimes the person you need to help shoot you is busy or a vaca comes up and you don’t have what you need to shoot or write or whatever. 

But I’ve realized that having a plan for the week is SUPER helpful because it reminds you of all the things you need to try to get done in a week. 

1:00 pm

Quick lunch break where I usually watch 1 episode of Ellen or two episodes of Girls and then I jump back into everything I need to be working on or do house work.

4:00 pm

 I get ready for work and leave. I work from 5:30 pm – usually about 1:30 am

1:30 am

Get home, have some probiotic yogurt (the coconut cult), hang out with my boyfriend and maybe do a spirulina face mask and get to bed by 2:00 – 2:30ish. 


Then wake up and do it all over again. 

Some people might think I’m insane for doing this for a over a year without making any real money from it. I’ve made money here and there (we’ll discuss how to make money from your blog on a different post).

Honestly for me, it’s never been about making money. I have a job that supports me and blogging is what I genuinely like to do. I love knowing that I built something from the ground up and I love seeing my progress from day 1 to now!

So don’t be intimidated by the schedule or feel like it’s too much work IF it’s something that you really want to bring to life. Please go through with it! I would love to see your blog!!

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2 comments on “A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A BLOGGER (with another job).

  1. Hi Chelsey, thanks for this post, it was very helpful. I’ve been reading numerous posts by bloggers and they all seem to talk about a different aspect, but your situation it like mine, how I really just am blogging for the love of it, but would love to possibly make money one day! I do have a couple questions:
    Do you have any criteria for you photos and videos?
    How did you first first start to make money?
    What do you mean exactly by collaborating with brands/influencers? Can anyone do this?

    Thanks so much for your time. I hope you have a great day!

    1. Hi 🙂
      Thank you!
      For photos it was important to me to get a good camera, we use the sony a7r 🙂 We use the same thing for most videos but I haven’t uploaded too many yet as I am trying to get into learning how to edit.
      The first few times I made money was from collaborating with brands like I was saying in the post so basically once you spend about 6-12 months on your blog you’ll hopefully build your followers and you can start to reach out to brands and say that you want to show case their latest workout bag, or protein drink or water even. You should do this for trade for a while and then after a few months of that you can start to get paid for posting!

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