A lot of you are looking for booty exercises, because duh.

Someone specifically though asked for booty and leg exercises to do if you’re someone that has weak/bad knees so I wanted to show you my favs!! I also have SUPER bad knees. 

Iv’e already had surgery on one knee and i’m pretty sure I need it again in my other knee considering it hurts all the time. 

TIP : Try foam rolling your IT band (outer part of your leg in between your knee and hip). Sometime if this is really tight, which it is on most of us, it till start to pull on your knee which obviously causes discomfort. 

Alrighty, so actually good knees or bad knees, these are some of my FAVORITE booty exercises. To really get the most out of these you need to SQUUUUUUUEZE your glutes and think “small, controlled movements” Not fast and sloppy and all over the place. A lof of this is inspired from barre classes to think ELEGANT, STRETCH, CONTRACT. Lets go. 

PS, this workout steez is from YOGASMOGA, and it’s suuuuper effing comfy. Like the comfiest. Can’t wait to get more of their stuff because it’s also super cute!

1. Inner Thigh Squeezes

Put one foot in front of you and one foot behind you and bend your knees so that both legs are at a 90-degree angle. 

From here, keep your back foot still and pointed forward while you use your inner thigh muscles to squeeze your back leg in. 


2. Goblet Squats 

Start in a “chair” position, keeping all your weight in your heels.

Slowly lower your booty towards the ground ALWAYS making sure that your knees don’t go over your toes. Keep them over your heels as much as possible. 

When you raise up make sure that you push through your heels which will trigger those booty muscles!

DO 20. 

3. Pulsing Lunges

Step into a wide lunge so that your back heel is off the ground. 

Bring your hips straight down keeping your weight even between your front heel and back toes (NOT YOUR FRONT TOES)!

Make sure that when you go down your knee is directly above your heel.

Going up and down is 1 rep. DO 20 ON EACH SIDE. 

4. Diagonal Leg Lifts

While you do this I want you to picture someone pulling your foot towards the back corner of the room. STRETCCCCCH your entire leg by pointing your toe as hard as you can.


Raise your leg, squeezing your glute at the top, then lower down slowly, barely tap the ground then slowly raise up again. This will feel like nothing if you don’t angle your leg and point your toe so DO THAT. 

Up and Down is 1 rep. DO 20 ON EACH SIDE. 

5. Fire Hydrants

Cute name right? lol. You’ll start with both of your knees on the ground but once you start you don;t put your knee back on the ground until you’ve finished all your reps and switch to the other side. 

This exercise along with the last one is going to build your gluteus medius which gives you that bubble butt. HOLLA. 

Keeping your knee bent, raise and lower your leg, SQUEEEZING your booty at the top of each rep.

Make sure you’re not swinging your hips. Keep them still, let your booty do all the work.


6. Single Leg Glute Bridges 

Keep one foot on the ground while you raise your other leg to the sky. 

Use your planted foot to raise and lower yourself. Just tap your booty on the ground when you lower, don’t lay your whole back down. No breaks here, sorry!


7. Baby Donkey Kicks 

Get your leg in a 90-degree angle behind you and raise your knee so that it’s in line with your booty. I like to do these in front of a mirror so that I can see if I’m lined up.

Pulse your leg up and down 1 INCH. It’s a very small movement but it’s great for building those little tiny muscle fibers that will give you a great plump up! Squeeze when you pulse up and slightly relax when you go down.


Do all the exercises back to back! Take a 30 second break after the baby donkey kicks then do the circuit again! I recommend doing it a total of 3-4 times!


xoxo CR

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