Massage oil can be defined as an oil that is suitable for body massage. It is believed that the body which is accustomed to regular oil massage is strong enough to fight chronic diseases, accidental injuries, or fatigue routine.

A regular use of oil massage makes you feel good about yourself and gives your personality more of a pleasing and charming look. The oil massage is also termed as Abhayangam. Some of the health benefits of oil massage can be enlisted as follows:

1. Keeps you young and healthy:

The strokes of oil massage, when done properly, leads to the activation of certain secretory glands that help in the efficient working of the body parts. Certain points in our body have direct connection to our heart, for example, the right palm and sole have the reflex center of the heart.

A deep kneading massage with proper pressure can improve the beating and functioning of your heart. The proper functioning of heart will ensure the other determinants of good health.

However the foot massage should not be ignored at all. Equal pressure should be applied on foot using the fingers, thumb, and hand. This results in overall stress reduction and enhances the body healing power.

2. Cleanse the skin from dirt:

The oil massage is more of an external therapy to make the individual feel at peace. There are specific areas of the body such as navel, behind the years and knees where dirt accumulates easily and is harder to remove. The strokes of oil massage at such areas works as a cleanser to aid the body in getting rid of dirt and dead skin.

Oil massage helps you to keep your body clean and prevent it against any infections. The oil therapy can be proved beneficial for the women who are much concerned about their skin health. Regular oil massage helps in the brightening of skin by providing sufficient flow of oxygen to the tanned areas.

3. Healthy digestive system:

The oil massage of the stomach overall helps in enhancing the working of the digestive system. The strokes of oil massage run deep down the large intestine, liver, and spleen.

The rubbing phenomena with oil help in relieving of toxic gas ensure proper secretion of gastric juices and the efficient working of liver and spleen in the discharge of waste products and help the body get rid of waste product from the body at regular intervals.

The discharge of waste product leads to a healthy digestive system which prevents the body from infection or any stone production in the liver or kidney.

Lastly, if you regularly suffer from constipation, then oil massage is the best solution to get rid of this condition. All you need to do is focus more on the abdomen that will ensure regular elimination of stools.

4. Incredibly Improve eye sight and helps get rid of dark circles:

The fourth most incredible health benefit of oil massage can be stated regarding its power to enhance eyesight and remove the dark circles that are the product of long working hours on desktop or computer.

The oil therapy in the facial zone helps in getting rid of headaches and eyestrains that might hinder your effective working. Therefore if you have had a long day staring at a computer screen, then this kind of massage is perfect for you to help you get rid of a headache and eye strain that might occur because of using the laptop for long hours.

Moreover, the strokes of oil applied in the facial zone can do more wonders such as removing pimple and overcoming the dryness. It also prevents the skin from wrinkles and protect it against ultraviolet rays coming from the sun

5. Boost the autonomic nervous system activity:

The oil massage therapy, through slow stroking movements, creates a sedating effect due to which the parasympathetic nervous system is activated. It is popularly known that oil massage therapy works by stimulating the nerve fibers and underlying tissues that are involved in carryingthe message along the spinal cord.

6. Helps you get rid of anxieties:

The sixth health benefit of oil massage can be stated regarding its ability in the provision of emotional stability. As you get accustomed to the regular use of oil massage, you may witness that it is not only beneficial for your skin but will make you feel at peace with your present state of life. It helps in the replacement of anxiety and depression with contentment.

The oil massage therapy penetrates deep into the body to the nerve endings soothing the stressed tissues and muscles and enables the body to get stable and enjoy peace of mind and heart.

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  1. Really informative and creative content. These concept is a good way to enhance the knowledge. I like it and help me to development very well. Thank you for this brief explanation and very nice information.

  2. Oil massage can do wonders. I regularly take up an oil massage at least once a week. I have experienced all the above benefits. Oil massage keeps me active throughout the week. My eyesight also has improved to a greater extent. Everyone started to ask me the reason for the glow in my face.

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