These are some laws to live by people. Unfortunately, my boyfriend got the flu and it’s been preeeettttty horrible.

He’s pretty much been on room lockdown for the past 5 days, can’t leave the house, has a fever then has the chills, headaches, the whole 9. 

I’ve been there almost every day and I’m SUPER STOKED and impressed with my health for not getting it. I was definitely a little nervous (obvi). I went back another day and found out that his roommate got it also so the whole house is a little…unhealthy, sorry boys haha. 

BUT my immune system has been fighting it off of me so I want to help you guys prevent yourselves from getting it also.PS even if you already have the flu right now you should start following all these steps in order to heal faster!


Basically the biggest thing here is sugar. Refined carbs are carbs that have been stripped of their nutrients so think white bread, white rice, white flour, white potatoes, anything in a bakery, white sugar in your coffee etc. As soon as that crap is digested it turns into sugar which is why you ideally should remove that stuff from your diet all together. Same thing with alch. Once that stuff gets into our system it turns into sugar which is why we’re always so bloated and dehydrated after drinking. 


If your body if filled up with all this junk then it’s likely that you’ll get sick. 

Pick breads that have nuts and seeds and WHOLE GRAINS. Even if the bread your buying says that it’s whole wheat, look at the ingredients. Chances are if it’s less than 4-5 dollars it’s still loaded with sugar and whatever else to make it’s shelf life longer. Ingredients should be all real ingredients.  

Swap out white rice for whole grain brown rice, white potatoes for sweet potatoes, white sugar for raw sugar and cookies for home made oatmeal cookies or something.

2. Get In Your Healthy Bacteria

A lot of people don’t realize that 80% of our immune system lies in our gastrointestinal tract so if that’s filled with bad bacteria then we’re bound to get sick. (This is why cleanses are so important! I cleanse like once a week). We want to constantly be giving ourselves GOOD BACTERIA and we can do this through things like Kombucha and Plain Greek Yogurt. My boyfriend is starting to develop an acquired taste for Kombuchas haha. You can also eat sauerkraut for these healthy probiotics but I don’t know about that stuff haha looks gross.. 

3. Check Out Your Sleep Schedule & Stress Levels.

If your body is super burnt out then it’s going to be extra hard for you to fight off the flu. Whether you have the flu or you’re just trying to avoid it, you need to be well rested and your mind needs to be calm. Anytime we are stressing ourselves out we are SERIOUSLY damaging our immune systems and over all health, that shit kills you. I get on my dad all the time about stressing. DON’T DO IT. Try journaling, yoga or prayer to de stress. Check out this post if you need some sleep tips. 

4. Exercise

Exercising helps circulate immune cells throughout the body…the better they circulate, the better chance you have of your cells finding the virus and you defending you against it. Don’t let that ish sneak up on you. SWEAT. 

5. Natural Immune Boosters

I might owe like 75% of my health to Oregeno over this poast week. As soon as Esteban got sick I went and got him (us) haha, oregeno oil and oregeno liquid pills. Oregeno oil doesn’t run cheap but I SWEAR IT’S WORTH IT. You’ll spend about 30 bucks and then about another 20 on the pills but you’ll be thankful. It’s like magic. I’ve been taking 3-8 pills a day and used the oil in the beginning stages of him getting the flu. I literally haven’t felt any symptoms. 

Basically garlic and oregeno are super stars for knocking out bacteria and infection. 

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