*Christmas timmmmme, is hereeeeee, happiness, and cheeeeeerrrrr*

UGH if there’s one thing I’m not doing this month it’s NOT stressing over gifts. I’m asking for things that are actually useful in life and if I don’t get them, I’m happy to buy them myself. Like Jackie Schimmel once said – DON’T ASK ME TO BUY SOMETHING THAT YOU CAN’T BUY FOR YOURSELF…so I live by those rules. I wanted to share these 25 fitness gifts under $50.00 bucks with you guys in case you need to jump on getting a couple more gifts, OR if you want to add a thing, or five to your list.

Let’s jump into it!



25 fitness gifts under $50.00

  • NACHO SCRUNCHIES – The biggest, the best, the softest, scrunchies, ever. These are all I use now whether I’m running on the tred or doing strength training. They’re the perfect fitness gift 🙂
  • ALANI NU PRE WORKOUT – This pre workout is on the top of my xmas list. I’ve tried it before and I have a couple clients who use it. We love it because it helps you sweat a ton without making you feel jittery AT ALL. My one client who uses it doesn’t even drink coffee but she’s okay drinking this pre workout. It helps you get through your workout without making you feel like you’re on crack, which is nice. lol. And it’s well under 50 bucks.
  • ORIGINAL WHITE VANS – These are my all time favorite shoe to wear in the gym. They just work well with all my leggings and they’re FLAT so I find that I have better form and can lift better when wearing them. If you wear shoes that have more of a platform during strength training exercises like back squats, step ups, lunges etc, it can be tough. You’re not as in touch with the ground and you have a lot to push through and balance on. Flat white vans, all the way.
  • ALO V-NECK SPORTS BRA – This bra is so soft and so flattering. I’m SOOO over uncomfortable sports bras. I have to be in one for 12 hours a day sometimes and film videos in them so it’s essential that they’re comfortable, flattering, and affordable.
  • ALO HIGH WAIST AIRBRUSH LEGGING – YOU GUYS. These leggings are perfect in every way and they’re 50% off! Just go get them now, and get them for me if you want.
  • LORNA JANE WILDCAT SPORTS BRA – So cute and comfy and only 45 dollars instead of 74!

25 fitness gifts under $50.00


  • CAT EYE AMAZON GLASSES – These sunnies are only 11 dollars and they look amazing. In case you’re hiking or            doing something outside and don’t want glasses that are too expensive or too heavy.
  • ACID FOR THE CHILDREN – This is the new book from Flea (bassist and co founder of Red Hot Chili Peppers)             AMAZING book that can be your new steady state cardio buddy.
  • LIFE CHANGING MAGIC OF TIDYING UP – Hollly shit. If you guys follow me on insta – you know I’ve been Marie Kondoing my house for the last 2 weeks and still have more to do. BUT my leggings, sports bra and workout shirts drawer, has NEVER looked so good. I also got rid of like 50 pairs of leggings thanks to this book.
  • HIP CIRCLES – This is the first thing I tell all of my clients to purchase once we start training together. It’s such an essential for home and travel workouts. Gives you a huge bang for your buck.
  • NEW FAVORITE PROTEIN POWDER – A smoothie/health store spot here in LA called Body Energy Club makes this amazing protein shake so I decided to finally just purchase their protein powder. It’s delicious and a great price. It’s free of artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners and preservatives. It also scores a 1.0 on the PDCAAS chart which stands for Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score. The PDCAAS evaluate the quality of protein based on the amino acid requirements of humans and their ability to digest it. Basically – not all protein is created the same. 1.0 is the best score on the chart which is typically where Whey protein, Casein and Eggs land.
  • BASIC SWEATSHIRT – I’m a sweatshirt freak and this one is great. It’s cozy and cheap and comes in a million colors. I snagged the white one.

25 fitness gifts under $50.00


  • PLAIN WORKOUT T’S – I’m not a huge workout shirt fan. I can’t seem to find any that I really LOVE. They’re either too long, too intricate, too tight, weird material, I hate razor back workout tanks with a passion so I just like these basic t’s. They fit perfectly, the colors go with everything, they’re soft and cost effective.
  • FOOD SCALE – If you’re trying to lose weight and nothing is budging, it’s time to invest in a food scale. It might not be the most exciting gift for someone else but it makes a great gift to get yourself! Most of us totally under estimate how much we eat. Even when we log our food how can you really know how many ounces of sweet potato you’ve had? I used to think I was always having 4 ounces of chicken until I started weighing it and realized I was having closer to 6. So Measure!
  • NEW APPLE WATCH BAND – This is such an easy and useful gift in my opinion! There are so many options and they’re cheap!
  • BOOTY BY BRET – If you’re ready to take your training to the next level and grow a booty, then check out this online program! It comes out to like 30 bucks a month!
  • WHITE HYDRO FLASK – You can’t go to the gym without this. Ice cold water baby, nothing beats it.
  • DRAWER ORGANIZERS – Just in case you’re getting ready to Marie Kondo your place, you’re going to want these.

25 fitness gifts under $50.00

25 fitness gifts under $50.00


  • DRY SHAMPOO – Unless you love washing your hair every other day, if you’re a workout girl, you need some dry shampoo.
  • NIKE PULLOVER HOODIE – Classic, cozy, and comfortable. Can’t go wrong.
  • ADIDAS 3 STRIPE LEGGING – Another classic for under 50.
  • ASOS HIGH WAISTED LEGGING – A pop of color for your leggings drawer.
  • ELECTRIC BACK MASSAGER – For under 30 bucks! I got this for my boyfriend on xmas last year and we LOVE it. It’s at the point where our friends ask if they can use it every time they come over haha.
  • SOURCE CBD OIL – I have been sent a lot of CBD products but this one was by far the winner. I can’t do ANY THC because even the smallest amount gives me anxiety. This oil is PURE cbd and really makes me shake off any anxiety + sleep really well. I did a full blog post on this product here.
  • PUMA BACKPACK – Dope PUMA backpack for only 29.99?! Workout bags are such a necessity if you’re a busy person. No more stuffing your extra clothes in your purse or carrying them in a grocery bag. NO. Get a backpack.

25 fitness gifts under $50.00

25 fitness gifts under $50.00

There you have it guys! There’s my top 25 fitness gifts under $50.00 that you can quickly order online before next week!! Do we like these ideas? Leave some comments below to let me know you dropped by to read this post!




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