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What is the 10 Week Body Plan?

Tried everything and still not getting results?

The 10 Week Body Plan is an online course that provides ONE on ONE health and fitness coaching at a fraction of standard one on one coaching costs.

Goal is to help you achieve your dream body and learn how to create sustainable, life long healthy habits in just 10 weeks!

It is more than a plan that you just download (Light Guidance and Ultimate Package), it is full support, every step of the way.

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10 Week Body Prep Options:

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How To Get Started

Book your 20 minute consultation with me and fill out the online questionnaire (this will only take a few minutes!)

I will call you on our set appointment date and we will go over your goals to see which plan would be best for you.

A follow up e-mail will be sent with instructions on how to easily get your payments set up, and how to send in your progress photos.

Your will receive session 1, straight to your inbox on APRIL 12TH.


Can I sign up for the 10 Week Plan anytime?

The ‘Light Guidance’ and ‘Ultimate Package’ can only start on the designated start date. This gives me time to talk to each of you individually, get your specific plan set up, go over your goals with you and it allows you to go through the program with other women at the same exact time!

How often do you offer the 10 Week Plan?

The plan is offered 4 times throughout the year. Here are the dates for 2019 >>>

The NEW YEARS SERIES (Starts: Feb 1, Ends: April 12th)

The SUMMER SERIES (Starts: April 12th, Ends: June 21st)

The BACK TO SCHOOL SERIES (Starts: June 21st, Ends: Aug 30th)

The BEFORE THE HOLIDAYS SERIES (Starts: September 6th, Ends: November 15th)

Does the plan change depending on what series I pick?

Not really. Regardless of which series you choose, you will still get all of the same information, guidance, and tips! The only thing that may change are suggested meals depending on the season.

When is the deadline for scheduling my consult?

I will not take any more consult calls after April 8th. Time slots are running out so please book today!

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