Alrighty. Before we do anything we need to do a little tidy up. The same way you can’t drive around a dirty car and expect it to get cleaned, we can’t just walk around with this toxic build up in our bodies every day and expect it to magically go away. We need to start to let our bodies know that we are ready to CLEAN UP!

When our bodies are toxic it basically means that they are holding on to waste, right? So when our bodies are holding on to waste that is aka excess WEIGHT. Get rid of waste = get rid of weight.

Now I’m not saying you should go jump into a juice cleanse right this minute (even though they’re so good!!). There’s plenty of other things that we can start doing that will allow our bodies to start letting go of some of the things it’s probably been holding on to for a LONG TIME. (Just for reference, it takes DAYS for our bodies to digest meat alone! Now imagine eating meat, it not digesting, then eating 3 more meals that day. At this point your digestion is so backed up that you might be experiencing bloating, weight gain, an upset stomach etc.)

Here’s the plan:

+ Slowly remove some very unnecessary things from your everyday eating.

+ Begin including super healthy foods.

+ Once your comfortable with your new foods, start with a one day cleanse.

+ Go back to your super healthy foods & plan on doing a one day cleanse once a month.

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